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Fishing holidays and properties in France are very popular and there are some very desirable fishing locations across France. Owning a lakes or stretch of water in France is quite common because of the low population density in particular regions of the country. As such, many people have aspirations of owning their own lake for decorative or practical purposes alike.

Owners of private lakes in France are obliged to supply a limited number of fishing permits for release to the general public. The legality of owning lakes and for those looking to fish in private or public watercourses should always be checked before proceeding. We recommend that you consult the informative property guides on for more information on the legality of owning or using watercourses in France. These guides contain interesting information on fishing rights in France and French property water rights.

If you are interested in buying a French property with a lake or buying a lake or river then please consult our property search.