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Lakes in Franche-Comté

The Franche Comté is located in the east of France. It is a rugged region situated between the Vosges mountains to the north and the Jura mountains to the south. It offers varied landscapes from plains & marshes to upland plateaus and high mountains. It comprises of four departments : Doubs (25), Jura (39), Haute Saône (70) & Territoire de Belfort (90).

With excellent access to mountains and neighbourinmg Switzerland & Germany, this hidden gem of a region is an ideal place to buy a lake or a property with a lake.

The departments Jura (39) and Doubs (25) border Switzerland. The natural landscape consists of stunning countryside, pine forests and mountains. It is a great place for outdoor activities, fishing, skiing and hiking.

There is an abundance of lakes in the Bresse plains in the western Jura and in moutain areas to the south, notably in "La Petite Ecosse" ("the small Scotland" in English) in the foothills of the Jura mountains. Notable lakes include : Lac de Vouglans, Lac de Chalain, Lac de Clairvaux des lacs, Lac de Coiselet, Lac de Chambly, Lac de Confians, Lac de Viremont & Lac d'Onoz.

The Doubs department has the least number of lakes of the region, with a scattering of lakes along the river valleys of the Doubs, Le Durgeon & La Loue rivers. However due to the mountainous nature of the department to the south & east there are some notable lakes including : Lac de Saint-Point and Lac de Remoray.

The Haute Saone has many lakes along the valley of the Saône & its tributaries La Lanterne, La Semousse & Le Planey. It is also famous for the "Région des Lacs" which is a land of lakes and water in the Reserve naturelle des Ballons des Vosges. The abundance of lakes continues into the northern half of the Territoire de Belfort department where the national park Reserve naturelle des Ballons Comtois extends.

The Franche Comté with an abundance of water is one of the greatest places to find a property with a lake.