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Lakes in Rhône-Alpes

The Rhone Alpes region is located in south east France and is one of the largest regions encompassing 8 departments, the vast Rhone & Loire Valleys, the Northern Alps and their extensive foothills.

The region has the provenc-esque departments of the Drome & Ardeche to the south, Alpine departments of the Savoie, Haute Savoie and Isere to the east and the departments of the great rivers (Isere, Ain, Lore & Rhone) across the centre & north of the region.

The vast river valleys of the Loire, Rhone along with their considerable tributaries (Ain, Isere, Saone, Drôme, Ardeche, L'Eyrieux) create an ideal landscape for lakes.

Due to the mountains and river valleys the region is home to some of Frances most famous lakes, notably the Lac d'Annecy, Lac Léman, Lac du Bourget, Lac d’Aiguebelette.

There are also areas where you will find a concentration of lakes of varying sizes for example the Dombes plateau between Bourg en Bresse and Lyon between Saone & Ain rivers.

Another good example is the valley of the Loire in the department of the same name (Loire 42) between Saint Etienne and Roanne where there are hundreds of lakes.

Notable mountain lakes in the Savoie, Haute Savoie & Isere include Lac d'Annecy, Lac Léman, Lac de Grand Maison, Lac de Bissorte, Lac de Roselend, Lac du Mont Cenis, Lac du Chevril, Lac de Monteynard, Lac de Paladru, Lac de Laffrey, Lac du Sautet, Lac de Notre dame de Commiers, Lac de Notre dame de Commiers , Lac de Chambon.

Other significant lakes in the departments of Ain, Loire, Rhone & Ardeche departments include Lac de Miribel Jonage, Lac de Coiselet, Lac de Montrevel, Lac de Nantua, Plan d’eau du Colombier, Retenue d'Allement, Retenue de Cize-Bolozon (ou Sault-Bolozon), Lac de Grangent, Lac de Villerest, Plan d'eau du Grand large, Lac des Eaux Bleus, Lac des Sapins Lac de Miribel Jonage, Plan d’eau du Colombier, Lac d'Issarles, Lac de Devesset, Lac des Collanges.