Lake Lacanau (Etang de Lacanau)

Surface Area 19.85 sq km
Max. Depth 8 m

Lake Lacanau, also called Etang de Lacanau (Lacanau Pond) has a surface area of almost 20 sq km. It is located in the French region of Aquitaine, in the department of Gironde and near the town of Lacanau.

The Lake belongs to the Great Lakes of the Landes, which have a strong reputation in France.

Set in the middle of an exceptional landscape and magnificient surroundings, Lake Lacanau's first purpose is to be used as a lake for water activities and leisure activities. This part of France is very popular among tourists, and a lot of visitors come here to enjoy various kinds of sports and leisure activities.

Lake Lacanau is the only lake in the region with a small island in the middle. It makes it of course unique, and even more interesting to explore.

Lake Lacanau Walking

Lake Lacanau is famous for its walking trails. More broadly speaking, the Landes area of France is also very famous for this thanks to its huge and amazing Napoleonic pine forests and breath-taking infinite beaches stretching as far as the eye can see.

There are several easy walks available around Lake Lacanau that will help you discover it. The canal des etangs in the direction of Maubuisson is found to the north of the Lake. Other points of interest include the area of Bainasses, the large beach of Moutchic which both provide some fine restaurants and local shops.

Lake Lacanau other Activities

Most of the beaches can be found on the western shore of the lake. Therefore most of the activities start from these points. You will be able to enjoy some lake sailing on Lake Lacanau from the sailing club. The club is more than 1000 sq m in size and includes classrooms, offices, warehouses etc. This club, affiliated to the Federation Francaise de Voile (French Sailing), regularly organises local or even national events.

You can also find the CLKG which is the Canoe & Kayak club of Lacanau. Although you can enjoy canoeing on the Lake, it is more commonly practised on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Most important and famous thing in Lacanau is its surf club, and although you cannot surf on the lake, you can still enjoy some surfing sessions on the Ocean. The Lacanau Surf Club has almost 300 members, and is affiliated to the Federation Francaise de Surf. In the Maison de la Glisse, villa right next to the Ocean belonging to the club, you can find a surf school for children who want to learn Surf, as well as a fitness room.