Lake Aiguebelette

Surface Area 5.45 sq km
Max. Depth 71 m
Surface Elevation 390.5 m
Islands 2

Lake Aiguebelette is a natural lake in the Savoie department of France. With a surface area of 5.45 sq km, it is one of the largest natural lakes in France.

The small towns of Novalaise, Lepin-Le-Lac, St. Alban de Montbel and Aiguebelette-le-lac are located along the lake. The lake is surrounded by the mountain ridge of Col de l'Epine at the north and Le Mont Grelle along the eastern side of the lake. These mountains are about 1.5 kilometers high and have different trails to climb them.

Lake Aiguebelette General Facts

There are paragliding possibilities from Col de l'Epine, a sight you can often see in summertime. The lake is distinguished by its blue-green color. The lake is made extraordinary by the 7 hot water wells that make the temperature of the water pleasant in summertime. There are also some campsites along the lake and privately owned houseboats. There are games organised for the different campsites to compete amongst themselves and the usual fireworks in summertime to celebrate the beginning of the French summerbreak.

In the south of the lake there are two islands, Le Grand Ile and Le Petit Ile. A chapel has been built on the big island and archaeoligsts found prehistoric materials there. The deepest point in the lake is 71 metres. There are breathtaking views of the lake from the church at St. Alban de Montbel, surrounding mountain ridges and a bit north of the road around the lake.

Lake Aiguebelette Tourism and Culture

You will be able to discover one of the last existing tanneries in France, the Tannerie Rougy or pay a visit to the doll dress-maker's workshop Atelier de Poupees Francepoque (traditional costumes) and at the same time you can admire her collection.

For families with children why not discover the Musee Lac & Nature or look out for the Lama Bleu in the l'epine mountains.

You will also come across different local producers like the Chevrerie du Signal (goat farm) or the Cidrerie de Savoie (cider house) and many more.

Numerous other interesting things will make your stay more than pleasant; crafts, art exhibitions, traditional fairs, sports events, concerts, photograph competitions, village parties, savoyard nocturnal market, antique shows and local markets.

The lake and its surroundings also offer a strong heritage. You will be able to discover numerous places such as ruined castles, chapels, caves, sculptures and more.

Lake Aiguebelette Activities

You can find diferent kinds of activities at Lake Aiguebelette. Firstly, you can swim, there are several beaches, such as Plage municipale de Lepin-le-Lac or Plage municipale Aiguebelette-le-Lac. As it is a private lake, you have to pay to access these beaches, but you can be sure to find clean and good quality beaches, as well as areas patrolled by lifeguards.

You can also enjoy canoeing and lake sailing. Everything is available to rent in several diferent areas. You could go to Vertes Sensations which is a place to rent canoes, kayaks or pedalos.

There are also several places and tracks to take if you fancy a bike ride. You will enjoy a breathtaking landscapes between the lake and the surrounding mountains and forests.

Rowing for beginners and for more advanced rowers is also available, including tuition. You can contact the Aviron Club du Lac Aiguebelette for more information about rowing.

One of the peculiarities of Lake Aiguebelette is that it offers some interesting places to do canyoning. This is a very dynamic sport which is practiced in the waterfalls and rivers of the region. Grenand canyon, located 2 minutes away from Lake Aiguebelette, is one of the most beautiful canyons of Savoie.

You can also enjoy another extreme sport thanks to paragliding spots available minutes away from the lake. The local club has been running for 17 years, with very experienced teachers, guaranteeing you safety and heightened enjoyment. You can contact Aiguebelette Parapente if you think you are interested in that kind of adventure.

Fishing as a leisure activity is also quite important in Lake Aiguebelette. Regulation of this activity is undertaken by the association A.A.P.P.M.A (Association for Fishing in Lake Aiguebelette).

Jet skiing is not allowed on Lake Aiguebelette, as is any other kind of motor activity on the Lake.