French Lakes for sale

If you are interested in buying a French property with a lake or an individual lake in France then please consult our map. You can click on a region of France to begin your search.

You can find carp lakes, lakes with houses, lakes with cabins or French lake businesses (carp fishing business, fishery or fish farm) for sale across France.

Buying French fishing lakes or properties with lakes in France has become very popular in recent years and finding good size lakes has become more difficult in recent years.

There are large number of very desirable fishing locations across France. Popular locations for owning a lake include Northern France, Normandy, Brittany, Limousin, Poitou Charentes and the Loire Valley. Freshwater lakes are often found on the gentle valleys of the many rivers that cover rural France. Salt water lakes are found along the Atlantic & Mediterranean coastline, particularly in the Gironde, Landes, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Pyrénées Orientales, Aude, Hérault, Gard & Bouches du Rhône departments of southern France.

Owning a lake, pond or fresh water pool in France is quite common due to the low population density in many area. As such, many French property buyers have aspirations of owning their own lake for decorative, leisure or practical purposes alike.

A large number of lakes in France are former gravières (gravel pits) and a good number of these are not established lakes and often used as irrigation lakes in rural areas.

When looking for a French lake it is worth familiarising yourself with the different terms used for lakes : étang, mare, plan d'eau, retenue, gravières