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Lakes in Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Nord-Pas-de-Calais region is the northern most region of France. It is very accessible from the UK with the Ferry, Channel Tunnel and Eurostar connections.

The region is composed of two departments: Pas-de-Calais (62) and Nord (59). It is is famous for the cosmopolitan city of Lille, the "Côte d'Opale" or Opal Coast (chalk cliffs, popular resorts and beautiful sandy beaches) and for the wonderful lakes and waterways that can be found all over.

The landscape is predominantly flat and perfect for lakes with a large network of canals and flat rivers valleys. Notable river valleys include Scarpe, Aa, L'Escaut & Sensée.

The Pas-de-Calais department (62) offers the following notable lakes: Etang communal de la Labourse, Etang de Beauséjour, Etang de la Lawe, Etang des Iles, Lac Bleu, Lac du Parc Glissoire, Plan d'eau de Nesles etc.

The Nord (59) departement offers the following notable lakes: Etang André-Verbrugghe, Etang d'Amaury, Etang du Hayon, Etang du Pont Rouge, Etang du Vignoble, Lac d'Armbouts-Cappel, Lac du Héron, Lac du Paradis, Lac du Val Joly etc.

This region is often overlooked but buying a lake in Northern France must be considered as it provides an excellent base in France only a few hours away from the Uk by train or boat.