Lakes For Sale in Burgundy, France

Lakes in Burgundy

Burgundy is situated in the central eastern part of France offers more than just great wine. It consists of 4 departments : Côte d'Or (21), Nièvre (58), Saône-et-Loire (71) & Yonne (89).

The region has an abundance of lakes across its four large departments. It is a perfect location for wine and nature lovers to buy a French house with a lake or an individual boating or fishing lake.

The Bourgogne region provides stunning countryside with rolling green hills, vineyards and a number of the most beautiful villages in France.

The Morvan regional natural park offers 1,000 square miles of wildness in the middle of the region. It is home to 4 renowned lakes: Lac de Chaumecon, Lac de Chamboux, Lac de Saint-Agnan and Lac de Settons and is also crossed by 8 rivers (Cure, Yvonne, Argentalet, Arroux, Chalaux, Cousin, Ternin and Serein).

In addition to the Morvan natural park, there are many rivers and lakes in Burgundy, such as the rivers Yonne and Saône, Lac du Boubon, Lac de Pont, Lac de Panthier, Lac Kir (in Dijon which is the capital city of the region), Lac de la Sorme and Lac de Torcy.

Burgundy is also a fantastic place for fishing and nautical activities with 800 miles of waterways, almost 650 miles of canals and about 20 000 ha of lakes and ponds.

This famous region is the ideal location to find a lake property for sale in France.