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Midi-Pyrénées is the largest region in France, with eight departments: Ariege (09), Aveyron (12), Gers (32), Haute Garonne (31), Hautes Pyrenees (65) Lot (46), Tarn (81) & Tarn et Garonne (82).

This landlocked region is renowned for the Pyrénées National Park to the south, it has three Pyreneen departments bordering Spain; Hautes-Pyrénées , Haute-Garonne and Ariège.

Lakes are predominantly located along the Garonne & Tarn river basins and towards the Pyreneen & Haut Languedoc plateaus to the south. There are fewer lakes to the north of the Garonne river in the Lot & northern parts of the Tarn et Garonne.

The Aveyron has a few notable lakes, predominantly to the south, these include Lac de Pareloup, Reservoir de Pont de Salars, Lac de Villefranche de Panat, Lac de Bage & Lac de la Gourde.

The Ariege has some of the wettest valleys in the Pyrenees and there lots of lakes in the Canton d'Oust & Canton de Haute Ariege areas. Notable large lakes include Lac de Montel, Lac de Filheit & Lac de Mondely

The rural Gers has a few notable lakes, including Lac de Mielhan, Lac de Gimone, Reservoir d'Astarac, Reservoir de Lizet & Lac de Baradere.

The Hautes Pyrenees has lots of small lakes and a few larger lakes predminantly to the south. These include Lac de L'Arret Darré, Lac de Gaube, Lac de Puydarieux, Lac de Cap-de-Long, Lac de Suyen, Lac d'Orédon, Lac d'Aumar, Lac d'Arredoun, Lac d' Estaing & Reservoir de Magnoac.

The Haute Garonne has lots of small lakes in the Garonne river basin as well as larger lakes in the Pyrenees. These include Lac d'Oô, Lac de Caillauas, Lac de Genos-Loudenvielle & Lac du Portillon.

The Tarn has lots of small lakes in the Tarn river bassin and notable larger lakes to the south, particularly in the Parc Naturel du Haut Languedoc. These include: Lac du Laouzas, Lac de la Bancalié, Lac Dadou, Lac des Saints Peyres & Lac de la Raviège.

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