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Lakes in Brittany

Brittany is situated on the north-west coast of France and the region consists of four departments : Côtes d'Armor (22), Finistere (29), Ile-et-Vilaine (35) & Morbihan (56).

It is a perfect location to buy a French house with a lake or an individual boating or fishing lake in close proximity to stunning coastline.

Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic ocean and with numerous fresh water lakes and rivers inland the Bretagne region is synonymous with water. It offers excellent course and sea fishing as well as other water sports such as : sailing, surfing, body boarding, diving, rowing, kayaking, water skiing & wake boarding.

Lakes can be easily found in this lush coastal region and in particular across the many river bassins found inland.

In the Morbihan department (56), you will find the following notable lakes : Lac de Guerlédan, Lac au Duc, Etang de Kernicole, Etang de Lannénec, Etang de Pont Callec, Lac du Bel Air / Etang du Bel Air, Etang de Noyalo. It is also worth noting the natural harbour of the Gulf of Morbihan (Golfe du Morbihan).

In the Côtes d'Armor department, you will see: Lac de l'Arguenon, Lac du Gouët-Saint-Barthélémy, Etang du Corong, Lac of Bosméléac, Lac de Kerné Uhel etc.

In the Ile et Vilaine department notable lakes include : Etang du Boulet,Etang de Bazouges, Etang de Chevré, Etang de Hédé, Etang de Launay & Etang de Paimpont.

Notable lakes in the Finistere department include : Reservoir de Saint Michel, Lac de Drenec, Etang de Rosporden, Etang de Trunvel, Plan du Moulin Neuf, Etang de Poulguidou, Lac de Pontavennec, Lac de Ty Colo, L'Aber-Ildut, Lac de Laverie, Lac de Poulinoc & Lac de Lannéon

This is perfect place to find an amazing lake property for sale in one of the most beautiful coastal regions of France.