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Fisheries regularly advertise fisheries for sale in France. France is a popular destination for fishermen looking to buy a fishery or a lake business. A growing number of keen fishermen are looking to turn their fishing hobby and passion for all things fish into a sustainable and viable French business.

Fisheries in France are increasingly popular due to the relatively low price of land and the availability of lake properties. It has become a leading destination for owning or setting up a fishery or lake business. Each year more and more anglers follow their dream and buy a French fishery or lake business and an even greater number buy a lake property in rural France with the intentions of setting up a fishery or business.

French fisheries & Fish farming in France

Fishery is an ambiguous term with a multitude of loose definitions. Fishery is the term used to specifically define a commercial lake property that has the required facilities and infrastructure required for fish farming and rearing (fish rearing ponds, holding tanks, breeding lakes, aerators & aeration systems).

Fish businesses in France

The term fishery is more frequently used to describe lake properties which offer some form of business & revenue generation potential. Lake businesses in France predominantly offer revenue generation from recreational fishing (match days, swim / peg fishing, night & day tickets.) & tourism (accommodation varies from drive & survive camping facilities, holiday chalets & lakeside cabins, Gites, Bed and breakfast / chambres d’hotes and other types of rural hospitality). A considerably smaller number of large lakes offer commercial leisure facilities (water sports & water based activities)and provide revenue generation on a predominantly seasonal basis.

Buying a fishery in France

Due to the size and geography of France, buying a fishery or a potential fishery business is acheivable . Commercial coarse fish farms with multiple ponds and holding tanks for rearing fish are a very specific type of property and are less common than your standard lake property. It is also possible to buy a standard lake property and convert it into a commercial fishery. However considerable development, legal and planning costs might arise. Buying an existing fishery business in France can avoid the French legislative / planning and financial barriers that need to be overcome if you are establishing a legitimate fishery business in France.

When buying a fishery in France always do your homework and research and ensure you have all the required information to make an informed property purchase. It is advisable to view business accounts, catch records, legal documentation, water supply and abstraction licenses.)

If you are looking to purchase a fishery or a property with a lake in France then please consult the listings below. If you would like to refine your search or cannot find what you are looking for, please use the search bar below to undertake a more accurate French lakes search.