Lakes For Sale in Corsica, France

Lakes in Corsica

Corsica is an exquisite island in the middle of Mediterranean sea. It consists of two French departments : Corse-du-Sud (2a) & Haute Corse (2b).

Corsica is not renowned for lakes due to its geography and climate. However due to the mountainous nature of the island there are a few notable fresh water lakes in the inland areas, particularly in the northern Haute Corse department.

Corsica has many Nature Reserves which also offer wonderful lakes such as: Lac de Melo, Lac de Capitello, Lac du Cinta, Lac de Betaniella, Lac de l'Oriente and Lac de Goria which are located in both departments: Haute-Corse (2B) and Corse-du-sud (2A).

Other notable fresh water lakes include Lac de Calacuccia, Lac de Codole, Lac de Padula, Lac de Tolla, Reservoir de Alzitone & the Reservoir de Bacciana.

There are also a number of salt water lakes on the flat eastern coastal plateau of the Haute Corse department. Notable saltwater lakes include : Etang de Diane, Etang de Salé, Etang de Palo & Etang d'Urbino.

Corsica offers astounding geographical diversity with mountains, beaches, bays, forests and villages forming part of the stunning landscape.

It is a land of culture and history with prehistoric historic sites, a local language: "le corse" and many artisan arts & crafts and local producers.