Lakes For Sale in Seine-et-Marne, Paris Île-de-France, France

Lakes in Seine-et-Marne

In the Seine et Marne department there are many beautiful parks and gardens, as well as some amazing castles. Indeed, royal castles always come with beautiful gardens. You can visit the Vaux-le-Vicomte, designed by the famous architect Le Notre, and the Fontainebleau garden. Other gardens that are worth visiting also include: Bossuet garden in Meaux, Garnier garden in Provins, Donnemarie garden in Dontilly, etc.

The French most attractive entertainment park in the world is located in the Seine et Marne department. The park itself represents 13 000 jobs and as a result it is very important for the department's economy and well being. Thanks to the park millions of visitors go to the department every year.

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